Agile Capital

Agile Capital emerges from the following principles. We value:

understanding of technology over funding dogma

sufficiency of means over standard funding round size

early discussions over waiting to be ready

Agile Capital comes as a consequence of a growing maturity of the technology start-up funding professionals who, through their experience, saw the need for a novel investment philosophy and a more modern approach to technology start-up finance.

This novel approach inspires by the Agile manifesto that gave the software engineering industry the means to reach new heights of its ambitions. It seeks to provide the world of finance with new principals enabling it to fund big, strong and sound technology leaders of the future.

Agile Capital is the set of innovative funding arrangements put forward by STARMAX Captial to support the funding needs of technology founders at different stages of their ventures and in different situations.

The specificity of Agile Capital arrangements is that they do not follow the typical VC-dogma nor the typical VC lifecycle, and allow projects that do not "fit in the mold" to emerge and succeed. On the other hand, to allow that, they often include ways for investors to earn a surplus prior to exit.

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